Working on a model and need photographs, or served aboard a US Navy warship and want a photograph?


We carry a large selection of U.S. Navy photographs. Our photo service offers 8 x 10 Black & White's for xxxxxxxx Our coverage includes all classes of ships mostly from the World War Two era. We have a complete index of the ships and dates carried for xxxxxx Also, we have 19 Photo Catalogs that show our entire selection in miniature views so you can determine the views you need. The entire set of all 19 Photo Catalogs are xxxxxxxx

Plus we have several sets of snap shots of FFG16, BB61, CG47, CG56, DD977. Which are located at the end of this page.

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Photos are scanned and put on CD's...We no longer offer paper prints.

Please send us an inquiry as to cost.  Need to know the number of photos you desire.

Price is much cheaper then Paper Prints.

See below for Photo CD's ..maybe what your looking for is already available on a CD.

bb63-0.jpg - 173918 Bytes

Gibbs & Cox Model of the USS MISSOURI BB63 PHOTOS

We have produced a CD with close-up views of the Gibbs and Cox model. Most of the photos were taken when the glass case was removed when the model was built in 1950. This self-extracting CD contains about 33 detailed photos. Order number CDBB63-1 $14.95


To add to our Submarine  Plan eBook, we are going to produce sets of CD with a pick of details photos from our collection. Each CD will contain about anywhere between 50 and 100 + views. 

Early WW2 Gato class Submarine SS212-284, 1941-43 only. Available Now  Order # PSSS212-A $19.95

WW2 BALAO class Submarines SS285-411, 1943-1946 only. 312 pages, 300 + photos PDF format, Order # PSSS285-A $19.95

USN TENCH class Submarines SS417 class from WW2 to Guppy.  209 pages, 205+ photos PDF format #PSSS417 $19.95


USN USS ARKANSAS BB33, New York, BB34 and Texas BB35 Battleships, 200+ photos, PDF format, #PSBB33  $19.95

USN USS PENNSYLVANIA BB38 class BB's, 240 photos, PDF format, #PSBB38  $19.95

USN  USS NEW MEXICO BB40 class BB's, 240+ photos, PDF format, #PSBB40  $19.95

USN USS TENNESSEE BB43 class BB's, 100+ photos, PDF format, #PSBB43  $19.95

USN USS COLORADO BB45 Class BB's, 270+ photos, PDF format, #PSBB45  $19.95

USN USS SOUTH DAKOTA BB57 Class, 240+ photos, PDF format, #PSBB57  $19.95


USN USS ALASKA CB1 class, 69+ photos, PDF format, #PSCB1  $19.95


USN USS SARATOGA CV3, 25+ photos, 1943/44 PDF format,  #PSCV3  $19.95

USN USS CASABLANCA CVE 55  class Escort Carriers, 280+ photos, PDF format, #PSCVE55   $19.95

USN USS SANGAMON CVE26 class & USS CHARGER CVE30, 100 photos, PDF format CD, #PSCVE26  $19.95

USN USS INDEPENDENCE CVL22 & SAIPAN CVL48 class Light Carriers, 270+ photos, PDF format,  #PSCVL22  $19.95

more to come soon....


USN SALT LAKE CITY CA24 & Northampton class Heavy Cruisers.  273 pages, 270+ photos, PDF format CD # PSCA24  $19.95

USN PORTLAND CA33 class Heavy Cruisers.  100 pages,  95+ photos, PDF format CD #PSCA33   $19.95

USN NEW ORLEANS CA32 Class Heavy Cruisers 205+ photos, PDF format CD, 100+ pages, #PSCA32  $19.95

USN BALTIMORE CA68 / OREGON CA122 class Heavy Cruisers 330+ photos, PDF format CD, #PSCA68  $19.95

USN DES MOINES CA134 class Heavy Cruisers, 95+ photos, PDF format CD, #PSCA134  $19.95


USN FLETCHER DD445 Class ROUND BRIDGE ONLY 800+ photos, PDF format CD, PSDD445R $30.00

USN FLETCHER DD445 Class SQUARE BRIDGE ONLY 800+ photos, PDF format CD, PSDD445S $30.00

USN SUMNER DD692 class Destroyers, 700+ photos, PDF format CD, PSDD692  $30.00

USN RUDDEROW DE224 class Destroyer Escort, 66 photos, PDF format CD, PSDE224, $19.95


Updated 7/9/15




Please note that these are CD's or DVD's





Volume  8 USS RANGER CV61..over 150 images CD.
Order # RBVOL8 $27.00


RB12.jpg - 0 BytesVolume  12 SPRUCANS: SPRUANCE & KIDD DD'S.....over 150 images CD.
Order # RBVOL12 $30.00
RB16.jpg - 0 BytesVolume  16 THE GATOR'S PART 2 LSD,LPD,LST'S....over 110 images CD.
Order # RBVOL16 $22.00


RB24.jpg - 0 Bytes Volume  24 The Great Gray Ships of the Norfolk Naval Base since the 1970's, over 200 images CD.
Order # RBVOL24 $24.00





RB28.jpg - 0 BytesVolume  28 Desert Storm/SHIELD,Photo album of ships and AC 1990-91, over 200 images CD.
Order # RBVOL24 $24.00



RB31.jpg - 0 Bytes Volume  31 The Transitional Cruiser..Boston to Topeka, .....over 150 images CD.
Order # RBVOL31 $27.00



RB36.jpg - 0 BytesVolume  36 BOOMERS, LA & OHIO Class SUBS..over 230 images CD.
Order # RBVOL36 $27.00


RB43.jpg - 0 Bytes Volume  43 HMCS Canada FFH's ..over 300 images CD.
Order # RBVOL43 $27.00


RB45.jpg - 0 Bytes Volume  45 R.C.N. Round Bowed DE/DDH post war 1950's-90's ..over 250 images CD.
Order # RBVOL45 $27.00



RB47.jpg - 0 Bytes Volume  47 Carrier Air Wing USS INDEPENDENCE last Cruise..over 200 images CD.
Order # RBVOL47 $27.00



RB64.jpg - 0 Bytes Volume 64 USN CRUISERS Part 1, CL4, CA24,26,33,45 CLASSES...over 300 images CD.
Order # RBVOL64 $27.00


 RB68.jpg - 0 Bytes Volume 68 WASP class LHD ...over 300 images CD.





RB-73.jpg - 0 BytesVolume 73 CALLIS OCEAN LINERS ...over 300 images CD.
Order # RBVOL73 $27.00


RB-77.jpg - 0 Bytes Volume 77 GERMAN BATTLESHIP BISMARK ...over 170 images CD.
Order # RBVOL77 $27.00


Volume 81 USN DESTROYER ESCORTS ...over 200 images CD.
Order # RBVOL81 $27.00


RB-83.jpg - 0 Bytes Volume 83 HMS WARRIOR 1860.....125 image CD.
Order # RBVOL83 $27.00



RB-86.jpg - 0 Bytes Volume 86 ROYAL NAVY Type 22 class.....over 140 image CD.
Order # RBVOL86 $27.00





RB-92.jpg - 0 Bytes Volume 92 GERMAN NAVY FROM 1935-1945.....over 500 image CD.
Order # RBVOL92 $27.00


RB-94.jpg - 0 Bytes Volume 94 RN COUNTY Class Cruisers.....over 150 image CD.
Order # RBVOL94 $27.00

  Volume 96 USS AMERICA CVA66....over 135 image CD.
Order # RBVOL96 $27.00


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