The Sumrall line of plans were drawn by Robert F. Sumrall in the 1960's and early 70's. These are basic plans that are for the model builder. NOT all plans contain Hull Lines. A notation in the plan description fill indicate this.


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Order #ShipDateDescriptionScalePrice
RS-BB55/32USS North Carolina BB551945A-D,F,P1/384 $10.00
RS-BB61/32USS Iowa BB611950A-D,F,P1/384$10.00
RS-BB61/16Same as above in1/192$20.00
RS-BB62/32USS New Jersey BB621944A-D,F,P1/384$10.00
RS-BB62/16Same as above in1/192$20.00
RS-BB63/32USS Missouri BB631952A-D,F,P1/384$10.00
RS-BB63/16Same as above in1/192$18.00
RS-BB64/32USS Wisconsin BB641953A-D,F,P1/384$20.00
RS-BB64/16Same as above in1/192$20.00


Order #ShipDateDescriptionScalePrice
RS-CB2/32USS GUAM CB21945A-D,F,P1/384$12.00
RS-CA30/16USS Houston CA301942B,PV1/192$14.00


Order #ShipDateDescriptionScalePrice
RS-DD228/16USS John D. Ford DD2281940A-D,F1/192$12.00
RS-DD445/32USS Fletcher DD4451945A-D.F.P1/384$10.00
RS-DD445/16Same as above in1/192$14.00
RS-DD597/32USS Wiley DD5971945A-D,F,P1/384$10.00
RS-DD597/16Same as above in1/192$14.00
RS-DD717/32USS T.E. Chandler DD7171946A-D,F,P1/384$10.00
RS-DD717/16Same as above in1/192$14.00
RS-DD865USS C.R. Ware DD8651950A-D,F,P1/384$10.00
RS-DD865/16Same as above in1/192$14.00
RS-DD931/32USS Forest Sherman DD9311960A-D,F,P1/384$10.00
RS-DD931/16Same as above in1/192$14.00


Order #ShipDateDescriptionScalePrice
RS-SS168USS Nautilus SS1681930A-D,F,P1/192$10.00
RS-SS168/8Same as above in1/96$18.00
RS-SS212/16USS Gato SS2121942A-D,P1/192$10.00
RS-SS212/8Same as above in1/96$18.00
RS-SS400USS Sea Devil SS4001946A-D,P1/192$10.00
RS-SS400/8Same as above in1/96$18.00
RS-SS435/16USS Corsair SS4351946A-D.P1/192$10.00
RS-DD435/8Same as above in1/96$18.00


Order #ShipDateDescriptionScalePrice
RS-Liberty/16SS Liberty Ship1944A-D,F,J,P1/192$20.00
RS-Liberty/8Same as above in1/96$25.00


Order #ShipDateDescriptionScalePrice
RS-SCHAR/32KM Scharnhorst1943A-D,P1/384$10.00
RS-SCHAR/16Same as above in1/192$20.00
RS-ADMSCH/32KM Admiral Scheer1945A-D,F,P1/384$10.00
RS-ADMSCH/16Same as above in1/192$20.00
RS-PREUG/32KM Printz Eugen1945A-D,F,P1/384$10.00
RS-PREUG/16Same as above in1/192$20.00
RS-GRAFSP/32KM Graff Spee1939A-D,P1/384$10.00
RS-GRAFSP/16Same as above in1/192$20.00
RS-BLUCH/32KM Blucher1940A-D,F,P1/384$10.00
RS-BLUCH/16Same as above in1/192$20.00


Order #ShipDateDescriptionScalePrice
RS-Z20/32USSR PROCHNI ex Z201945A-D,F,P1/384$8.00
RS-Z20/16Same as above in1/192$14.00
RS-Z22/32KM Z221939A-D,F,P1/384$8.00
RS-Z22/16Same as above in1/92$14.00
RS-Z23/32KM Z231940A_D,F,P1/384$8.00
RS-Z23/16Same as above in1/192$14.00
RS-Z33/32KM Z331943A-D,F,P1/384$8.00
RS-Z33/16Same as above in1/192$14.00
RS-Z39/32KM Z391940A-D,F,P1/384$8.00
RS-Z39/16Same as above in1/192$14.00


Order #ShipDateDescriptionScalePrice
RS-U30/16KM U30 Type VIIA1935A-D,F,P1/192$8.00
RS-U30/8Same as above in1/96$18.00
RS-U37/16KM U37 Type 1XA1939A-D,F,P1/192$8.00
RS-U37/8Same as above in1/96$18.00
RS-U45/16KM U45 Type VIIIB1936A-D,F,P1/192$8.00
RS-U45/8Same as above in1/96$18.00
RS-U48/16KM U48 Type VIIB1936A-D,F,P1/192$8.00
RS-U48/8Same as above in1/96$18.00
RS-U94/16KM U94 Type VIIC1942A-D,F,P1/192$8.00
RS-U94/8Same asa bove in1/96$18.00
RS-U123/16KM U1231940A-D,F,P1/192$8.00
RS-U123/8Same as above in1/96$18.00
RS-U162/16LM U162 Type IXC1940A-D,F,P1/192$8.00
RS-U162/8Same as bove in1/96$18.00
RS-U175/16KM U175 Type IXC1940A-D,F,P1/192$8.00
RS-U175/8Same as above in1/96$18.00
RS-U218/16KM U218 Type VIID1940A-D,F,P1/192$8.00
RS-U218/8Same as above in1/96$18.00
RS-U505/16KM U505 Type IXC1941A-D,F,P1/192$8.00
RS-U505/8Same as bove in1/96$18.00
RS-U570/16KM U570 Type VIIC1941A-D,F,P1/192$8.00
RS-U570/8Same as above in1/96$18.00
RS-U847/16KM U847 Type IXD1942A-D,F,P1/192$8.00
RS-U847/8Same as above in1/96$18.00
RS-U853/16KM U853 Type IXC1942A-D,F,P1/192$8.00
RS-U853/8Same as above in1/96$18.00

Web form for Mail in or Fax orders.

ORDER FORM for online ordering

Besides the above series of plans we have more. We carry a line of HULL LINES/STATION plans, More US Submarine plans and the "Bu" series, which are copies of official builders plans. See the MASTER PLAN list for our entire plans listing.

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